Steele's not just showing his jealousy and his signs of treachery he's one who does exactly what his owner wishes but he doesn't give things any thought when his reaction does with Balto. Steele isn't patient in fact he wishes to hurt Balto, he's so arrogant. Balto's kind and loyal to Jenna. Even when Steele lies Jenna doesn't lose hope of Balto returning and she loves him, plus they both honestly care about Rosie the who owns Jenna. Steele's got enough treachery he also makes to other dogs nervous he's able to persuade or convince them with his aggression. Jenna has the strength to resist and ignore Steele, she's able to see Balto's nobility. Plus the big differences of being pushed / force and being protected by true friends, Steele's quite a trickster.Niju in the second movie Wolf Quest he's pretty much the Beta ranked wolf at first because that's what the beta ranked wolf does it assists the alpha when other members don't yet have enough skill. Sometimes the beta ranked wolf does the leading while the Alpha wolf had to leave and do a harder task, that's what gives Niju the right to speak in front of the pack when Nava tells the rest to wait a second. In this movie it's Nava is busy trying to find a safe way to cross the sea, but Niju is there doing the territorial guarding, the rest just listen. It's when Aleu arrives that Niju has less chance becoming the next alpha in the future because it's Aleu who focuses on the pack's safety but Niju argues like bullies do and expresses his personal wishes. But Nava quickly warns the whole pack Stay Alive And Be Free, because he doesn't want to unbalance the world.

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