One Aleu's pups enjoyed hearing wolf stories of the ancient days over and over so it left the pack and searched for its own  mate It hunted in Canada for a While. But then one starry night and this pup met a coyote who knew Montana and Wyoming because it was from Yellowstone National Park. So this pup of Aleu's told its dad Diamond it would be traveling some new grounds but would once in while visit its old home. This coyote who was from Yellowstone carved Aleu a map of forests she could travel to meet it as it mated one of her wolf pups. This coyote told Aleu it would let her see her Coywolf grandchildren. Aleu did herself a colorful rock painting of Alaska Canada Montana and Wyoming so she'd always remember the directions to Yellowstone National Park. Thanksgiving is when Aleu celebrated with Yellowstone's coyote that her wolf pup mated. The  Grand Tetons, and Jackson Hole she roamed close to while visiting.

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