If you're interested in the whole wild dog family South America's full of Balto's fox cousins a few of his Maned Wolf cousins still exist. The Maned Wolf's own Wikipedia of species facts shares the list of these southern fox species. One of his short cousins in South America is the Bush Dog. Balto has more than only his Timber wolf cousins in Asia, Dhole, Raccoon Dog, and then Asia's few southern Golden Jackals. Northern Africa has Golden Jackals, Black Backed Jackals, and Side Striped Jackals, Balto's African Wild Dog, Ethiopian Wolves and Bat Eared Fox. Coyotes are nearly the same height as the Jackals. Dingoes are another cousin, and when they lived Tasmanian wolves had pouches their pups could relax in, and because of their stripes some people thought the Tasmanian wolf as a different shaped tiger instead, it's stores online like that show this issue. First Dingoes were a pet breed, like how Malamutes are so closely related to Alaska's wolves. Dire Wolves have three different names from different Ice Age periods. Dire Wolves lived in the Americas during the late Pleistocene Canis Chihliensis may be sister of Canis Armbrusteri who is considered sister of Canis Dirus, then later Canis Lupus started to live and has been around twice as long as modern humans, while Canis Rufus appeared 5 million years after the ancestor of Canis Latrans which is the coyote.

Lupus the Constellation is talked about a lot, but Alpha Canis Majoris is the other name of Sirius I read this fact from a non-fiction book of wolves in ancient days. Wolf Road is what some Native Americans called the Milkyway Galaxy themselves a long time ago.

Wolves in arts and crafts can be found in several items drawn or bought, heraldry is included. And then there are old wolf poems of Earth and Heaven from places like Iceland. Totem wolf items are popular in ceramics and jewelry

Choose for yourself who you believe they did stuff with, but here are names I've read from websites and non-fiction books found at libraries that speak of wolves living during ancient days. St. Francis, St. Bridget, St. Theodore, St. Patrick, St. Maedoc, St. Columban, St. Donatus, St. Eustace, St. Ailbe, St. Anthony, St. Paul, St. Wolfgang, St. Edmund, St. Austreberthe, Odin, Medeina, Artemis, or a shaman. Plus that we know they really spent days in forests near many Native American tribes a while.

The Gray wolf / Timber wolf has several names depending on location. Iberian wolf is the name of Spain's. It's nice websites for coloring such as that tell you what different places called their own gray wolves. tells you what species you clicked the page of before printing it.

We don't want hoofed animals to starve and we don't want weak garden either to avoid this LET THE WOLF LIVE. This will be simple to picture when the Ecosystem facts are clear to you, plus how wolves change rivers is another science facts found on several main pages of websites that help wolves. I wrote this in case there are people on the wiki who wished to study every close cousin of Balto's from around the world.

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