No people the wolves aren't evil, look we must admit how fast we almost brought them extinction, admit how much we need wolves to help the ecosystem's condition, it's false they'd eat us. Forget the old fairy tales that say the harmful rumors, forget the phrases of judgement that confuse you because of mentioning a wolf too. Wolf at the door mean you're poor, crying wolf means you've lied, when we've howled we've yelled, when we're called wolf we're eating greedy, old phrases like these are rude to both sides the wolf and the human so let go of the past. Even the active wolves aren't evil no they're just more confusing. Look food isn't the only reason Niju might stay back, white outs are freezing, Alaska winds can be super cold, in Alaska's waters it's simple to drown, there are times food for deer lacks so the wolves wait calmly since they know very well the herds will return, fogs in Alaska can indeed make the land too blurry to walk in so wolves would consider super foggy minutes lounging time, waiting for a mate, hoping the alpha will return soon, one of the wolves who's the most willing to protect the pups, a wolf's patience of recovery / healing, wondering where the safest area for a new den might be after something terrible like deforesting, knowing a senior aged wolf is sick with something risky like rabies so the still healthy ones try to keep a distance from a dangerous sickness, a wolf who's surrendered what the alphas asked it to do, a wolf very willing to escort friends who are human or older slow wolves who need help while the pack travels. It's true prudence is a wolf main quality other than loyalty. There are problems with some neighbors like bears who can sort throw wolves, porcupines whose quills can sadly kill the wolf if the quills are somewhere like its mouth, deer and moose who can slam wolves, and wolverines sometimes kill wolves. So it doesn't matter if you're speaking of weather, a pack's cooperation, or the wolves' enemies in the wild they have several reasons to stay back. So you could say one thing Niju and Nava agree with saving energy, but as the alpha Nava looks at the fate of the whole pack not just himself.

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