Unammed Husky (Balto's Father)
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Species: Siberian Husky
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Unknown
Family and Friends

Aniu (Mate)
Balto (Son)
Aleu (Granddaughter)
Kodi (Grandson)
Saba (Grandaughter)
Dingo (Grandson)
Unnamed pup (Grandchildren)
Unnamed pup (Grandchildren)
Jenna (Daughter-in-Law)

Series Information

He is the father of Balto.


Not much is known about Balto's Father, although Balto does mention him to his daughter Aleu in the second film Balto II: Wolf Quest. Balto tells Aleu that he was a domestic Siberian Husky who was the lead dog of his sled team. It is also known that after he and Aniu became mates, they ran off with each other, but it is still not known how he met Aniu, or how Aniu met him.

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