The totem animals are characters that appear in Balto II: Wolf Quest. All of the animals appear as wood carvings on a totem pole just outside the Nome township. All of the totem animals are revealed to be the spirit of Aniu.

The Raven


The Raven

A sterious bird who appears in Balto's dreams, and leads him to his daughter Aleu after she runs away. In some Native American cultures the Raven is considered to be a noble trickster.

The Fox

While looking for his daughter, Balto encounters this cunning trickster. In a log

the Fox, "the Cunning Trickster"

exchange for freeing her of her bonds she helps Balto by pushing him off a log and into fast moving river currents.

The Wolverines

The three wolverines are nasty, spiteful animals that bully and corner Balto to a

the Wolverines,"your Fears"

rock wall in Balto II: Wolf Quest. They were later revealed to be Aniu, the great white wolf and Balto's spirit guide, showing Balto what his true fears were. Rather than being afraid of the three wolverines, he was actually afraid of losing Aleu.

The Bear

Grizzly Bear Wolf Quest

The Bear,"Inner Knowing"

The bear sneaks behind Aleu when she's looking at a high veiw on top of a mountain also wndering where is she, as she was almost attacked, Balto ends up saving his duaghter but Aleu prefers escaping to fight the bear.



Caribou "Life"

They were in a flash that shows Aleu where were they going.


It's unclear if Aniu toke various forms to form them.