First Balto felt lonely while he didn't know Jenna but when he saw her his feelings lifted a bit. then Rosie was kind to Balto and That's what sped his love with Jenna. His visits weren't at all to harm Rosie or fight other dogs in Nome, no even snatching the hat off the cold snow wasn't theft at all Balto did that for Rosie's safety of sled dog traffic and to comfort her, his visits were help Jenna take care of Rosie and give Jenna all the support he could.

When Rosie's sick Balto's visits are because he cares about her and also doesn't want Jenna to lose hope about the young girl recovering, and he's feeling a bit of misery that Rosie isn't doing well, so no when the girl's sick Balto's not there to injure Rosie he's there to check how she's doing in her health and emotions while she has to stay in the house. It's thanks to Balto that Rosie recovered in time that's what Steele tried to trick Jenna about but no he didn't care about Rosie, his rude habits with Jenna and Balto prove it.

Balto's long visit in the second movie is so the wolf pack can start to find a safe way to cross the active parts of the sea they live next to, they experience moments of feeling in the middle of nowhere. And in the third movie it's Balto trying to say what might help his son Kodiak worry less about winning and losing so he can learn what true heroes value instead. When Balto visits Kodiak he also tries to explain the kindness in the pilot

Romeo is another real life cousin of Balto's who was feared for years and just visited his domestic cousins mostly for fun, he's a famous pure wolf who was given a statue to show his history of his years in Alaska Juneau. Nome and Juneau both have to deal with wolf packs that live quite close. And Balto and Romeo also both have a book. His father is unnamed in his three animated movies, but read pages of his Balto's true story and You'll discover Togo is his father's name while Togo's father was Suggen who was half Siberian husky and half Alaskan Malamute. Balto's father Togo has a Dog Diary in fiction. Suggen himself lived before the days of the Serum Run.

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