The Grizzly Bear
General Information
Gender: Presumed Male
Age: Presumed Adult
Species: Black Bear
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Yellow
Family and Friends
Series Information
First Appearance: Balto

The Grizzly Bear is a minor villain in Balto and it's 2002 sequel.  



During the wolf-dog's journey to find the missing team, a huge, vicious black grizzly bear appeared to be stalking the group consisting of Balto, Boris and Muk & Luk for several moments before Balto finally caught scent of the danger

A fierce confrontation erupted between the crazed giant and Balto. Although smaller and more agile, the wolf-dog was unable to match the bear in combat and was trapped and nearly crushed beneath the bear's huge paw.

Had it not been for the swift arrival of Jenna, Balto would have easily been killed. In the fight the giant bear nearly stomps on the trapped baby polar bears and Boris trapped under a tree as the bear stomps its foot towards them. Still relentless, the grizzly bear injured Jenna and managed to engage Balto once more.

Having learned a strategy, Balto lured the grizzly bear onto the frozen ice; managing to dispose of the giant in the icy depths of the lake at nearly the cost of his own life.

Balto II: Wolf Quest

The Grizzly Bear 2 When Aleu leaves the crystal cave and sees day light, a huge and furious brown Grizzly Bear attempts to kill Aleu. Balto arrives, distracts the grizzly bear, saves Aleu, they both escape and the grizzly bear disappears.


  • In the covers portrays the Bear to have brown fur while in the movie it's black
  • The Bear is shown to be unrealistically tall, also Grizzly Bears aren't as native to Alaska. A real life bear that can almost match the size are Kodiak Bears but their fur are not black.
  • He is the only character that dies in the movie.
  • The Bear was a spirit in the sequel.
  • Oddly, Frank Welker helped with the bear (Balto) and he isn't credited on the end credits.