Lessen your fear people real wolves aren't anything like old fairy tales make them sound! NO! They're one of the animal who we need the most in the ecosystem, because it's totally true the planet absolutely needs to its nature to stay balanced. It's not that wolves want to harm hoofed animals it's they don't want the herds weakening from a sickness or a physical pain because it's surely not easy to live when your physical strength lower. Plus wolves are right we need energy and we don't want plants so weak that even vegetarians lose food! NOT AT ALL! Like Nava says less and less food is a horrible problem. And wouldn't matter if it was being scarce on meat or being scarce on plants healthy enough for grazers and vegetarian animals to eat this horrible less and less food issue could start to happen either way. HONESTLY NAVA ISN'T JOKING AT ALL!

Don't just stare wolves with anger, one thing that's a secret to those who never study their science facts is they're an animal who copies our own feelings but they're harder to read facial expressions of. The Alpha isn't saying I'm mad at you when it faces humans like Aleu did NO it's saying leave my pack alone we've done nothing to you trying to do its best to prove its courage to the foe it's currently facing. The alpha doesn't want to fight it wants to protect its pack!! Curiosity is what got dear Aleu moving towards the quiet hunter NOT ANGER OR FEAR of her own

That's one of the most serious but sincere secrets with animals and us, what might look like anger on an animal's face is usually worry of consequences or fear of its foe. And sadly we're the wolves' worst foe. And it isn't only our feelings are copied by wolves with the speed they can sniff emotions at but when we're extremely close they like it better when we to do submission, since it proves to the pack that you're a harmless stranger. The wolves want peace, so they accept those who clearly aren't danger to their pack. That's what it is in the movies scenes Balto and Steele, Balto himself wanted Jenna as safe as possible from Steele!

SHOW KINDNESS TO THE WOLVES PEOPLE THEY FACE US CALMLY WITH PATIENCE AND PRUDENCE! Admit how fast we lose control with fear, anger, frustration, or arrogance people, wolves are wise enough to just cooperate and support each other. Plus quite often it's not the wolves' fault they're starting to come to eat the yucky dirty junk food on the ground it's happening because they're efficient and hate to waste food plus that they get so used finding the junk food it quickly confuses them about territory. The food is the difference not the territorial actions! Leaving junk food near the wild is indeed a senseless habit! Just like when Steele tricks his master about dear Balto stealing hot dogs when Balto stole nothing!!!! IT'S OUR OWN FAULT WHEN THIS CONFUSION HAPPENS! Never blame the wise wolves for everything that happens in the forest!!!!!

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