In conversation with the wolf pack Aleu mostly listens to Nava's words but she pays close attention to the worries of the other wolves, which is how Aleu quickly learned what the wolf pack needed, she also listened enough to figure out the consequences of staying where they were and crossing the sea together. Tana you can easily tell didn't like how Niju wasn't totally admitting the effects that could happen to the whole pack if they chose to face starvation or steal from others, Tana clearly wanted to live in peace as well as stay strong. Because Niju didn't admit the negative consequences is why Tana said maybe Niju is the fool she wanted to stay safe even if there were some difficulties they'd deal with as they took the right path trusting Aleu while she lshe started to lead them as their new alpha. Tana also watches what Aleu struggles with, like she watched Aleu's first effort to swim when Aleu leaped into the water to save Nava.

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