General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Species: Siberian Husky
Hair Color: Grey/White
Eye Color: Blue
Family and Friends


Series Information
First Appearance: Balto
Voiced By: Robbie Rist
What's with Steele? All Balto wants to do is help!
Star is a member of Steele's dogsled team. He is a tritagonist in Balto alongside his friends Nikki and Kaltag. He was voice by Robbie Rist


Small, meek, and timid, he is often picked on and bullied. No one pays Star any mind unless it's to physically hurt him in someway. One could argue if he's even friends with Kaltag and Nikki, as they never talk to him. His presence in the trio seems to be barely tolerated, and he probably hangs out with Kaltag and Nikki for status and protection. It's clear in the movie that besides Jenna and Rosy, Star doesn't hate Balto as the others do, in fact he seems to have the most faith in Balto, like during the square off between Balto and Steele, Star is the first to speak up for Balto, pointing out that he's only trying to help, and after Steele's fall, he's the first to show Balto support. He is silly, trusting, affectionate (currently), respectful, sinister (briefly), teasing (formerly), annoying (formerly) and rowdy (formerly).


Star is a grey and white Siberian Husky with blue eyes. He is smaller than most of the other dogs which, combined with his timid nature, makes him an easy target for the others to bully him. He has long, tattered ears, and darker grey stripes along his back.


Coming soon


  • In a deleted scene, near the end of the movie, Star stands up to Steele by taking off his "Golden" callor and giving it to Balto believing Balto deserves it. People are sadden that Star will never stand up to Steele!
  • He is one of the three to only get abused by Steele!

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