Balto in his first animated movie went through many days of feeling lonely but accepted reality and used his compassion against hatred, his signs of this show where he stayed back so others wouldn't suddenly feel like they were suffering plus that he wanted Rosy to stay alive that's what you could consider his clearest evidence of his compassion. Balto knows of the compassion he shares with Jenna and Rosy but for a while he didn't realize how noble he was treating the whole city by thinking about helping Nome deliver the serum just in time. So at the beginning Balto dealt with hatred and proved he wasn't the scary thing Nome thought he was.

Aleu in the second movie of Balto Wolf Quest she deals with when you feel lost. She accepts reality but Aleu kind of feels like an outcast because she was judged quite different from her siblings. It's Balto and Nava who help Aleu discover what paths make the most sense to her. The good result with Aleu's life is she learns enough to become more decisive about her own paths not just the support she should try to give others.

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