Sharik (or Tuzyk) is eskimo husky, Aster's boyfriend. He is a character of Balto 4. His official name an uncnown.


Sharik (Tuzyk) is a dog-singer, he sings in film 3 or 4 songs. He loves Aster and dot friends, funny birds - Snowy, Klara and Ella. Balto doesn't like Sharik (Tuzyk), but he will save his kids, Aster, Jess, Brian and Marydeet.


Sharik appears to have long white hair, brown nose, blue eyes and short, but big tail. Tuzyk may be a wolfdog.


Sharik was lost his owners, and lived in Tayga. His further story before a meeting with Aster an uncnown.


  • Probably, Sharik a wolfdog, also he may be distant relative of Steele and Niju.
  • Tuzyk will sings a song "Telling the world" of soundtrak to "Rio" movie (2011).
  • Sharik not white, he a white-gray color. But real eskimo huskys kristally-white.

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