There comes a time when enough was enough, but seeing the thing happening a lot, these rules were made so people can keep in mind on what not to do and keep the wiki free from vandals. So these rules would now help this wiki to be clean and cleared from vandels. 



  1. Do not add a duplicate page (Balto for an example), there's already a page of the character and the movie, the wiki doesn't need a bunch of pages about a exact same topic in a different page.


  1. Do not add a duplicate catagory (female and male characters for an example) just because a certain character(word) was not in a there, don't even think about making a catagory of the exact same catatgory with a slight name change/add, even I it was readded then the user will receive a warning.


  1. Do not add a any non-confirmed sequel, nor add a fanfiction nor an idea. This wiki will only accept official, not fan-made.


  1. Do not make a page just for yourself such as your username or your REAL name! (you WILL be banned)
  2. Do not make an unrelated edit.


  1. Do not add a character that's not from the Balto franches.
  2. Do not make a page about a non-existing character that's NOT from Balto nor add a fanon character!


  1. Do not change the language, you may only translate it.


  1. Do not edit out something that you don't like.
  2. Do not make an edit war, if you do then a certain page would be resticted for a certain amount of time.


  1. If you restored a page a couple of times that has been deleted and if the page was restored by the same individual will be banned.


  1. Don't add any inappropriate pictures.


  1. Listen to the admins, the admins here have the right to tell someone what they can and cannot do.