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Rosy's parents

Rosy's parents are portrayed as a typical couple.

Although Rosy liked Balto, her parents feared him. When Balto returned Rosy's hat, her father pulled her away
Balto-disneyscreencaps com-518
from Balto and told her that Balto is part wolf and therefore unpredictable, but it is not shown how Rosy's mother feels about Balto, she could've been unsure. However, at the end of the first movie, the whole town rejoices when Balto returns with the medicine, and the townspeople, including Rosy's parents, now see who he really is and lets him see Rosy after receiving her treatment.

It can be said that they continue to allow the previously untrustworthy Balto into their lives and home; seeing as how he fathered a litter of puppies with the family's prized husky Jenna.

Her father was voiced by William Roberts (III) and her mother was voiced by Sandra Dickinson.

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