Kaltag Star and Nikki by zoubareva
That son-of-a...

Kaltag: He is the most malicious, the most disgusting, the most obnoxious, the most revolting, the most repulsive... Star: He's no lap dog.—Nikki, Kaltag and Star, on Steele

Nikki, Kaltag and Star are three sled dogs who are the secondary antagonists-turned-supporting protagonists in Balto. They are members of Steele's sled team.

Physical Traits


Nikki has brown fur and a stout build. He has a large head in proportion to the rest of his body, which is emphasized by his tiny ears and has a purple tongue and he is a Chow Chow and husky mix. 


Kaltag is the tallest of the trio. He has brownish-orange fur with a creamy colored chest, mouth and face with a brown patch on his left eye. His ears have black tips.


Star is very small and skinny, much smaller than the rest of the sled dogs in Balto. He has greyish colored fur with dark stripes down his back and flimsy ears.




Nikki: Nikki at times seems like the last dog to be running on the sled team. However, he is quite fast and manages well. He is one of the trio of dogs that hang together. Not much is known about Nikki except that he's quite straightforward and sometimes likes to make jokes, like in the scene where Steele and Balto are squaring off about taking the medicine, he makes a bet with Kaltag 2 bones if Steele wins. His New York-ish accent adds a unique quality to Nikki, which none of the other dogs have. 

Char 58756


Kaltag: Kaltag is just one of the three dogs that make up the group known as "the trio". With a fast-talking, quick-witted attitude, Kaltag is almost never short of an adjective to describe a topic which is one of his most notable traits. He hates being interrupted of his rambles mainly by Star, often leading him to bot Star upside the head (which serves as a running gag in the film). He also appears to be best friends with Nikki.



Star is the last in the trio of dogs. Small, meek, and timid, he is often picked on and bullied. No one pays Star any mind unless it's to physically hurt him in someway. One could argue if he's even friends with Kaltag and Nikki, as they never talk to him. His presence in the trio seems to be barely tolerated, and he probably hangs out with Kaltag and Nikki for status and protection. It's clear in the movie that besides Jenna and Rosy, Star doesn't hate Balto as the others do, in fact he seems to have the most faith in Balto, like during the square of between Balto and Steele, Star is the first to speak up for Balto pointing out that he's only trying to help, and after Steele's fall, he's the first to show Balto support.


Nikki, Kaltag, and Star aided Balto in the run for the serum. Nikki is the oldest of the three and Star is the youngest of the three (but older than Kirby). The three were made very famous by their constant rags about Steele and other characters behind their backs (mainly between Nikki and Kaltag). Star joins in with a very random and straight to the point reply, resulting in a hit to the head by Kaltag, though once he saw it was coming and hit himself instead. Later on during the events of the relay, Balto would gain the trust and admiration of all three when he successfully leads them across the dangerous Alaskan wilderness and also by retrieving the medicine from the bottom of a deep ravine.

Star would make the infamous "They should build a statue of him!" comment at the conclusion of the film, which Kaltag agreed with instead of smacking him on the head. It is unknown what has become of the trio after the events in Balto, for there is no mention or appearance of them in either Wolf Quest or Wings of Change (although there are brief appearances of Nikki and Kaltag in "Wings of Change": during the E.D.A.S where Kaltag barks from a window and Nikki barks from the far right corner of the street next to JOHN'S BAR). Kaltag is still golden, but Star is brown in the preview of the movie.

They were voiced respectively by Jack Angel (Nikki), Danny Mann (Kaltag), and Robbie Rist (Star).

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