General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Species: Chow-Chow
Hair Color: Brown/White
Eye Color: Brown
Family and Friends


Series Information
First Appearance: Balto
Voiced By: Jack Angel
Two bones says Steele takes him.
— Nikki to Kaltag
Nikki is a member of the fastest dogsled team in Nome, led by Steele. He is friends with Kaltag and Star He was voice by Jack Angel


Nikki at times seems like the last dog to be running on the sled team. However he is quite fast and manages well. He is one of the trio of dogs that hang together. Not much is known about Nikki, except that he's quite straightforward and sometimes likes to make jokes, like in the scene where Steele and Balto are squaring off about taking the medicine, he makes a bet with Kaltag two bones if Steele wins. His New York accent adds a unique quality to Nikki, which none of the other dogs have. He's narcissistic (formerly), intelligent, kinky (formerly), kooky (formerly), impolite (formerly), nice (currently), irascible, kind-hearted (currently), knowledgeable and independent.


Nikki is a sable and white Chow-Chow with brown eyes. He has a stout build and a large head in proportion to the rest of his body, which is emphasized by his tiny ears.




  • Kaltag makes a cameo appearance in Balto III: Wings of Change barking in a window.
  • Nikki bears a striking resemblance to Khampa from Rock Dog.

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