While he's still the alpha Nava listens to his pack members' emotions. But Nju who speaks as the Beta ranked wolf would rather face starvation so Nava's quite busy giving other pack members caution mainly to help them with decision because they're all confused should they listen to Nava or shall they follow Niju. Nava's an alpha who carefully focuses a lot on sensibility before he decides how to explain the consequences of their different choices during the food shortage, and like an alpha wolf is supposed to Nava acts responsible, his words with Niju aren't to argue, NO they're said to protect the rest of the pack before danger arrives too soon. And then there's Nava's patience of the new alpha wolf coming who is Aleu herself and Nava's wisdom helps him figure out what's going on each time Aleu's saying a few words to Niju or the warrior ranked wolves Sumac and his two friends. When Aleu Arrives Niju makes the pack behave actively but their wise alpha Nava calms them down. The ways Nava speaks with Nju in short privacy you can tell Nava's an alpha who's efficient.

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