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General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Elder
Species: Wolf
Hair Color: Gray (from age)
Eye Color: Green
Family and Friends

His Pack:
Niju (Beta)
Nuk, Yak and Sumac

Series Information
First Appearance: Balto II: Wolf Quest
Voiced By: David Carradine

Nava is an elderly wolf who was the wise leader of the wolf pack encountered by Balto and Aleu in Balto II: Wolf Quest.

Physical Appearance

Being very old among his pack (Around 9–11 years possibly), Nava's fur was grey with his underbelly being bright grey. Nava was also fairly larger than some of the others of his pack. He does not appear to bear any permanent markings.


Nava was firm with his beliefs in the spiritual ways and laws of the pack, his more peaceful views coming into conflict with those of the younger and more militant wolf known as Niju. Nava also was shown to willingly hear everyone's opinion on something, including Niju's. He was instrumental in showing Aleu what she truly wanted in life, and discovered that it was she, not Balto, who was meant to lead the pack onwards.


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Unlike Niju, Nava was welcoming the strangers to his pack. He believes that Balto was chosen to lead his pack and be the new leader as he believes what the White Wolf states despite him not being an member of a the pack, however, near the end Aleu takes Balto's role and leads the pack. Nava respects his choice but he states that he will find Niju after all this.


Unlike Niju, Nava was welcoming the strangers to his pack. He knows that she's Balto daughter but as also knows that Aleu can see to future of his pack. Dispite Niju being his pack member, when he attacks her, he tries to help but his age prevents to defend her. As Balto doesn't want to take his new role, he accepts Aleu taking it.


Despite not meeting the wolf physically, he doesn't goes against what the wolf states!

His pack

When it comes to being a leader, they'll mean great responsibilities! He would be a father figure to them.


Nava is aware that he is hostile towards everyone, despite him being the 2nd highest rank of his pack, he will not give him the leadership of the pack to him but instead to Balto. Once he gave the leadership to Balto, Niju became jealous and attacked him, due to Nava being very old, he was unable to defend himself but Aleu was there to help but she was also weak against him. Later, balto swim back and wanted to fight Niju alone but his pack were scared to be around without a leader. When Aleu takes the leadership role, he tells Balto that he'll find Niju after all this!

Nuk, Yak and Sumac

Unlike Niju's behavior, they don't disobey him as much. But they were accepting a new leader instead of Niju!


Nava first appeared as the shaman and Leader of a Wolf Pack. He tells his pack as well as Balto and Aleu that one day soon, they will be led by a new leader, "the one who is wolf but does not know." Who was first thought to be Balto, but was later revealed to be Aleu. During the climax of the film, Nava was attacked by Niju and shoved into the ice cold waters beneath the ice. Although rescued by Balto and Aleu, he chose to remain behind on the Alaskan mainland with Balto; giving control of the pack's future and well being to Aleu.


"Goodbye my brother"

After discussing the future with Balto, Nava informed him that he would find the also stranded Niju. Stating that they were still a pack and that they needed each other. The two bid a fond farewell, Nava disappearing into the wilderness. His current whereabouts are unknown. He has a supernatural power that allows him to fuse with the elements.


  • It's unknown what happens to him when he looks for Nava.
  • When wolves get old they don't turn gray when aging.