Mel (left) and Dipsy (right)

Mel and Dipsy are 2 dogs who replaced Dixie and Slyvie in Wings of Change. Mel is a paranoid Welsh Terrier while Dipsy is an obese and carefree English Cocker Spaniel. Much like the original gossipers, both appear to be friends with Jenna. Mel and Dipsy are voiced by David Paymer and Kathy Najimy.

Mel is a Welsh terrier dog in the third Balto installment. Whenever their is tensity or anxiety in the air, Mel tends to overreact and start ranting on about all the horrible things that could possibly have happened to them.

Dipsy is a female English Cocker Spaniel dog who is constantly trying to steal food from her owners. Though she is naughty in her food-stealing, she is kind at heart and is a friend of Jenna and Mel. In Balto III: Wings of Change, she steals grain and beef jerky—the jerky being her favorite—and offers some to her friends. Most of the time, she'll just eat it anyways.

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