Wisdom loyalty and prudence are the qualities wolves show. But we can learn even from those who we're not completely fluent with. There are time it's not really the Alpha who started the problem when it's a wolf like Akela the lone wolf in the Jungle Book, that was the tiger did enough stuff to distract the lone wolf and trick the pups Shere Kahn the tiger scares Raksha Rama and Akela enough they call him lame,with Bagheera's help it was actually Mowgli who saved the Seeonee wolf pack. Jean Craighead George's three books of Julie the alpha wolf Amaroq just wasn't completely sure if Miyax followed his pack to enterrupt his work or if she really was lost he had to watch her a while to be certain. Alpha wolves can even learn from each other face to face that's what it was with Togo he faces a sled leader an learned to not let his pride hurt him, Balto learns of his nobility and Jenna she helps him keep his confidence in the third movie while Aniu was the one who helped Balto not lose courage when he wanted to save Rosie in the first movie, other dogs learned from the issues of Balto and Steele because how treacherous Steele really acts. White Fang he knew defense but it's a nice white wolf in his Disney sequel movie who helps White Fang feed giving him a fish and choosing him as her mate. Niju the beta ranked wolf in Balto 2 looks at safety of just the pack he's in, but Nava the alpha in the Balto sequel looks at keeping balance in nature which the way to not aggravate nature's dangers. In movies like Against the Wild it's simple to tell the female alpha wolf listens to her husky cousin before running down to the kids who are with him after a airplane impact. The alpha in Narnia's movie The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe he admits the truth of how the wiser choice is usually the harder choice he doesn't do what he's asked so he can hurt others he's an alpha who doesn't want to be turn into stone by Jadis the white snow witch.

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