Kaltag profile
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Species: Siberian Husky
Hair Color: Light Red/White
Eye Color: Brown
Family and Friends


Series Information
First Appearance: Balto
Voiced By: Danny Mann
You are the wittiest, you are the drollest, the cleverest, the sharpest, you are the most hilariousest!
— Kaltag to Steele
Kaltag is one of the members in the dogsled team led by Steele. He is good friends with Nikki and Star and He was voice by Danny Mann


With a fast-talking, quick-witted attitude, Kaltag is almost never short of an adjective to describe a topic which is one of his most notable traits. He hates being interrupted of his rambles, mainly by Star, often leading him to hit Star upside the head. He is best friends with Nikki and Star, often supporting and, when Steele is not present, disapproval with them. He is kinky (formerly), arrogant (formerly), loud-mouthed, testy, abusive (formerly), grouchy, kind-hearted (currently), affectionate (currently), lovable (currently), thoughtful (currently), athletic and good-hearted.


Kaltag is a light red and white Siberian Husky. He has brown eyes, with a dark brown patch around his left eye and black ear tips. He is usually seen wearing a simple leather collar with a metal ring.




  • Kaltag makes a cameo appearance in Balto III: Wings of Change barking in a window.
  • Kaltag is slightly taller than Balto and makes him the third tallest behind Steele.
  • Kaltag's character design is based on a Chinook.

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