Aleu's new arrival would do best with 2 3 or 5 wolf pup if she was the mother and introduces a alpha mate she chose in the forest. Jenna would do lovely if she taught stuff like how to catch Alaska's rodents and bunnies as well as hares. The female wolf who say What about the caribou they bring us life in Wolf Quest she'd do awesome teaching Aleu's pups stuff like swimming when they recently came out to explore their enviornment or seal hunting on the beach when they're full grown. Nava would do good teaching pups of Aleu and her Alpha mate how to catch the fish their Sea Wolf cousins catch in Alaska's areas considered The Great Bear Rainforest. These pup could relax in private areas close to areas where mountains are near city with good camouflage added and once in a while see their Uncle Kodi to do a few games with stuff like twigs or balls. Niju is sure strong enough to do it, he'd be a good tutor for the pups when practicing hoofed prey hunting. Other pack members could give the pups of Aleu different short tours around the Arctic circle mostly for safety information.

Scenes similar to those of Koda and Kenai in Brother Bear would be wonderful to have in scenes of Balto, Kodi, Jenna, Aleu, her alpha, mate and the wolf pack altogether doing a celebration humans are unaware of. Alaska has several tribes Eskimo, Tlingit, the Crow tribe from Canada would be nice too. Scenes with gentle sea friends like dolphins would be entertaining for sure especially if it was the closest dolphins having Aleu's pups ride on their backs during short leisure moments.

HARMONIZED WITH NATURE OR SOFT JAZZ SONGS would do perfect for such northern places being shown on screen again in a hero's story. Jazz Wolf has harmonized very gentle howls with music, we know how popular water sound songs are plus dolphin music or whale music would be simple to form, if I made the Balto 4 myself I'd let Reach For The Lights be the repeated soft theme like the movie theme that was played again in Titanic's sequel. Bryan Adams, Reba who has her television show, Kevin Bacon, Brad Paisley I'd let these singers do the exciting sound rhythms and other singers like Jim Brickman and Kenny Loggins do the softer vocal songs of Balto 4 or even popular singers like Elton John would work well.

Okay this is the wildlife animation I can imagine myself but I leave the bigger surprises up to whoever might edit the movie itself. Balto's one of the heroes I know best and am totally willing to help with questions of change. I'LL STAND FOR HIS WOLF AND JACKAL FAMILY IN SCREEN STUFF JUST LIKE I WILL IN REAL LIFE!

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