Grandma Rosy
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Elder
Species: Human
Eye Color: Green
Series Information
First Appearance: Balto
Voiced By: Miriam Margolyes


In the beginning of the film, Grandma Rosy is walking through a park in New York with her granddaughter and Blaze, her granddaughter's dog. Rosy is looking for something but gets lost, causing her granddaughter to ask what. Rosy explains that they are looking for memorial. She then begins telling the story of Balto, and the film transitions into animation.

After the explanation, they ended up finding the statue. Her niece wanted to know if Balto did do all that as she explains that yes. She then tells her while looking at the dog that if they want that to happen, it'll take a lot of training. They start to leave then she talks to the statue then reveals herself to be Rosy.


  • Due to the real Balto not doing most of these, some people have theories that she is either remembering things wrong, making stuff up or lying.