When You read Balto's Encylopedia his misery of Rosie's sickness is much clearer she's of the children who lived during the time of a deadly diphtheria epidemic. Sled Dogs delivered the serum when Rosie lived because the engine of an aircraft wouldn't start at all since it was frozen. The serum was transported by train from Seattle to Nenana where the first musher embarked as part of a relay aimed at delivering the needed serum to Nome. More than 20 mushers faced a strong blizzard. Togo and Balto both did the serum run but they aren't resting that close to each other. Togo was a star dog for Leonhard Seppala but Balto was considered a hero. Togo was named after Togo Heihachiro, and Balto was named after Samuel Balto. These two male Siberian huskies led Norwegian people. Balto was able to stay on the trail in near whiteout conditions and his musher Gunnar Kassen couldn't see well so he thought Balto was worth being thanked more than him and that's how Balto became famous. Samuel Balto himself was Norwegian as Togo Heihachiro was Japanese. Central Park (New York City) has shows Balto's statue sculpted by Frederick Roth which is located on the main path leading north from the Tisch Children's Zoo, and he's also shown at Cleveland Ohio's Museum of Natural History, while his father Togo's stuffed and mounted body displayed at the Iditarod Trail Headquarters Museum in Wasilla Alaska.

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