Woc 122
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Species: Siberian Husky
Hair Color: Gray/White
Eye Color: Blue
Family and Friends

Ralph (mate)



Series Information
First Appearance: Balto III: Wings of Change
Voiced By: Charity James
Well, Kirby, its don't need fast. We need...really really fast.
— Dusty to Kirby
Dusty is part of the same mail team as Kodi in Balto III: Wings of Change and was the only female dog on the team.

She blames their lateness in delivering the mail on the treacherous spring snow, and, like two of her mail team members, does not take their running late very seriously.


Balto III: Wings of Change

She is first shown as a member of the mail team, with the rest of the team, excluding Kodi.

Dusty is also at the rally for Balto to lead the team, and later runs with the team who beat the Duke's bush plane in the mail delivery race.

When Balto steps forward with his concern for Duke's safety, Dusty, like the others, is entirely against the idea of helping the "enemy."

However, when Kodi later wants to go and help his father, Dusty first doubts his loyalty to them, asking him, "Joining the other side?"

After Kodi leaves, Dusty is surprised and follows him to the door, looking shocked when he left. With the rest of the team, Dusty comes to the rescue and saves Balto and Duke from falling off a cliff and helps pull Duke back to Nome.


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Kirby, Ralph and Kodi

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  • Dusty and Ralph were planned to be mates in the third movie, but the writers didn't have time to put scenes in to explore this.
  • Lot's of people assumed that Dusty loved Kodi by the reaction she gave when Kodi disbanded from the group.
  • Dusty's animation model is similar to Aleu