Duke is a flyer in Balto III: Wings of Change. He is the pilot of the bush plane.

He was voiced by veteran actor Keith Carradine.

His story

Duke was a pilot who appeared in Balto III: Wings of Change. Although friendly and very kind towards Balto and his friends, he pushed for a race between himself and the local mail team as to determine which could carry the mail quicker.

Although Duke had the advantage at the midway point of the race, a build up of ice on his plane's wings caused him to crash land deep in the Alaskan wilderness.

Unknown to him, Boris had mistakenly boarded the plan after a run-in with Stella. He was injured in the crash, but was discovered by Balto who proceeded to return him to Nome.

Without aid, Balto carried Duke as far as he was able and nearly fell prey to the deep bowels of an ice canyon had it not been for the sudden arrival of his son Kodi and his fellow mail team dogs, Dusty, Kirby and Ralph.

Once returned to Nome, Duke decided to build another plane, and in honor of the canine who saved his life, he named it the "Balto Flyer".

His final gift to Balto was the thrill of a flight high above the Alaskan landscape, something Balto truly wanted to experience.


  • Duke's not a villain by any means--he's more of a "Hero Antagonist":
    • Ultimately, Duke's just trying to help the people of Alaska (including the people in Nome) and make delivering the mail and stuff easier for them--it's not like he has any idea to just how seriously the mail service dogs (mainly Kodi and his friends) take their job.
  • Steele was originally set to appear in the third as one of the volunteers in Balto's search for Duke—this suggests that Steele may have eventually changed his ways.