General Information
Gender: Male
Age: adult
Species: Saint Bernard
Hair Color: Grayish-brown
Eye Color: Presumed Brown
Family and Friends
Series Information
First Appearance: Balto
Voiced By: Donald Sinden

Doc is an old Saint Bernard who appears in the first film. Doc is the kind, old St. Bernard that can always be found in the boiler room. He's the voice of wisdom and somewhat of a figure head.


Unlike the other dogs, he seems to have tolerance for Balto.


He first appears while telling the other dogs of Nome that Steele and his team had missed their second checkpoint and had become lost. Later, Jenna would tell everyone that Balto is trying to help them but everyone (except Doc) laughs as at that, moments later, Steele wuld shw up and tells everyone what happened to the team then Doc ask what happen to the medicine then Steele answers by saying Balto demanded him to give him it. But when the other dogs learned that Steele had lied to them about Balto and the team being frozen to death in the storm, he turned his back on him. Doc later appears in the third film during the E.D.A.S. (Emergency Dog Alert System). He is voiced by Donald Sinden.


  • He's the tallest dog in Nome
  • He makes a cameo in Balto III

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