Dixie and Sylvie are a pair of female dog gossipers in Balto.

Dixie and Sylvie
General Information
Gender: Both Females
Age: Adults
Species: (Dixie) Pomeranian
(Sylvie) Afghan Hound
Hair Color: (Dixie) purplish-white
(Sylvie) daffodil with brown
Eye Color: Black
Family and Friends




Series Information
First Appearance: Balto
Balto 3 (Sylvie makes a cameo)
Voiced By: both by Sandra Dickinson (Balto)

Dixie is a Pomeranian and Sylvie is an Afghan Hound.


They are first seen at the dogsled and talk to Jenna. They are seen again at the dogsled when the children of Nome are very sick.

They are last seen at the end when they and the other dogs discover Steele's true nature and turn their backs on him.

In Balto III: Wings of Change, Sylvie makes a cameo in the ally way with several other dogs. Dixie and Sylvie are both voiced by Sandra Dickinson.


Sylvie is a friend of Jenna's and has a habit of judging her courtship with Balto, gossiping to Dixie about it.

Dixie is another of Jenna's friends. Like most of the canines, she views Steele as a hero, and has a crush on him. She likewise enjoys showing off and bragging about her new collar, hoping it will catch Steele's attention.


Sylvie has beige fur, as well as brown face, paws and ends on her long ears.

Dixie is one of the smaller canines in Nome, having lavender and pale pink fur, short ears and a large, bushy tail.


  • Dixie and Sylvie were both side characters from Ablimation's cancelled movie projected titled 'Snowball', they were both transferred to 'Balto'
  • Sylvie made a brief cameo in Wings of Change 
  • They were both mentioned in the trailer despite not having huge roles in the film.


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