The Wolf-dogs of the Balto series. All of them are Balto or his kids.


The main character in the trilogy of movies, his mother was a white wolf, Aniu , and his father is an Unnamed Husky (Balto's Father),


Aleu is daughter of Balto  & Jenna , she ran away from home shortly after discovering that she was part wolf, that ended in the results of Balto 2 Wolf's quest, she eventually became the leader of a wolf pack and found her true home.


Kodi is one of the lead dogs on the Nome mail team, he is Balto & Jenna's son, and saves Balto from dropping to his death off a cliff, in Balto 3: Wings of Change. He likely doesn't know about his wolf roots.

The other pups

None of the other pups have a movie dedicated to them. Two of them have been officially named, that being Dingo and Saba (of which the latter only got named in the credits). The (other) pups have no confirmed name, personality or story.


"I knew there was something wrong with me!" -Aleu too Balto, when discussing her wolf heritage,

"Being different is is painful, nobody knows that better than me," -Balto to Boris