Welcome to the Balto Wiki

Hello! This wiki is about the film series Balto. Our number one goal is to become the most popular source of info for Balto in the worldwide web! We appreciate all good edits, as long as you don't spam. Also, please no fanfictions, unless you make it a blog. Join, edit, make friends, chat with fellow users, and a whole lot more, here at Balto wiki!


Welcome to Balto Wikia. More news will be coming soon!


Please note that this wiki is meant to be a source for information from the movies and it is NOT a fanon wiki, so don't add any character from fanfictions or your own. Don't make unofficial Balto sequels, movies, games, books, ect. Also, don't add any character that's NOT from the Balto Franchise nor add anything outside from 'Balto'.

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