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Balto is the main character in Balto and its sequels Wolf Quest and Wings of Change. He is
voiced by Kevin Bacon and Maurice LaMarche. Balto is based on the real dog of the same name.


Balto 3

Balto's Appearance

Balto is brown-grey in colour, patched with silver-white.He has brown eyes and big paws. Balto is average-built, he is not muscular nor scrawny,but he has a slightly unkempt appearance.


Balto is brave but not a very good fighter (as Steele flings him against a rock with ease) but will not hesitate to save his friends.He is also very selfless and modest, although having a fragile pride (such as snarling when Steele insults him or saying in Balto:Wolf Quest that other dogs still tease him just because he is half wolf.) Balto is also very sensitive about his half-wolf heritage in the first movie, but gradually comes to accept it.

Although Balto is modest in most movies, he is shown to be quite arrogant in Balto II - Wolf Quest, as he says "Some people still tease me just because I'm half wolf". and orders al the wolves from Nava's pack around.


  • The real Balto was a purebred Siberian husky, not a wolfdog like the film character.
  • People were thinking of a 4th movie for Balto, including his full-blooded wolf cousin Tecumseh. But that be came just an idea and never became a film.

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