Assassin ranked wolves are likely to do things like hide behind the trees or hide in shadows silently but they're doing it to protect other pack members from harm this position is given only to a changer and there can only be a total of three.Assassin ranked wolves do quiet watching in their territory so danger can usually be avoided and this assassin rank is considered self-explanatory but they're the spies for the pack, while warrior ranked wolves fight so the pack will be even safer and scout ranked wolves walk around making sure no foe is too close. But these three ranks help each other deep in the forest sort of like castle guards cooperate around a castle's fences and walls. Assassin ranked wolves mostly want to know what strangers and forest neighbors are doing so the pack is likely to feel secure, warrior ranked wolves want to protect property so the pack isn't likely to suddenly lose territory and scout ranked wolves check distances of danger. All three ranks are busy helping the alphas be certain of the pack's safety. In fact a whole pack watches the alpha when a rogue wolf appears.

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