Alright Balto himself was a husky who was mistaken as wolf by color he's a husky's height You just have to read his ancient day history pages to really discover this fact. His father has a Dog Diary in fiction and on the book cover he's shown as a husky pulling a sled it's the same result when you try to research Balto's father online in history of Alaska. But even if Balto's mother was husky in real life, there's secretly a way she fit better as a wolf in what the film makers wanted as the clearest messages from Balto's movie series. Here fans and Balto lovers, as a husky Aniu would have been seen only as another normal dog and the messages would just easily hide, but as a wolf she's the color of the wolf who symbolizes courage, and then as a spirit in the second film of Balto Wolf Quest she's what would be the clearer way to give messages of trusting yourself. When Aniu's alive in the first movie she's mainly telling Balto if he really wanted to save Rosie he needed to have faith not letting Steele's treachery block his way and that he needed to not lose his courage so he could reach the end of his current path. She's patient enough to let Balto express himself and give these messages some thought and when Balto puts his paw prints on hers and then looks at the amazing number of rocks he'd been running on he starts to realize she told him the truth about him being stronger than he could actually tell, which is what helped him not be tricked too soon by all of Steele's marks left on so many trees because then he no longer lacked confidence. Balto doesn't know about his nobility for a while. Dear Aleu doesn't only have the qualities a real alpha totally needs while she's a pup she's a little lonely when her siblings are all gone. Alue doesn't realize her father's giving explanation rather than judgement of her when he tells her why she wasn't chosen as a pet. And true she has enough action to make humans think of husky who'd run away feeling either boredom or injustice, plus that she was the puppy to give the whole litter signals while growing up so she's perfect for alpha rank in a pack. It's Aniu who gives Aleu guidance of her path with the raven flying above her, the mouse Muru teaches Aleu the differences of what we are and who we are so suddenly Aleu sees how to make decisions properly, and next when she listens to Nava she quickly gains wisdom. And at the end she's learned enough to feel real confidence plus her nobility of the wolf pack's needs.

Balto at first doesn't realize his repeated dreams can actually mean something important. If you pay attention to the whole movie you'll notice they meant several things. Son here's who you'll meet, Son here's what you need to prepare yourself for, Son here's the purpose of this adventure. Aniu let the dreams support him several ways advice, guidance, warning, and descriptions of what he'd be facing during this long trip. Until the end of Wolf Quest, Balto has no idea that Aniu was his mother, so I'm sure he's feeling pleasure that Aleu found her place and a bit of grief of his mother's disappearance since he knew so little about her( at least in these videos)

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