Aleu, is a wolf-dog hybrid and the daughter of Balto and Jenna. Aleu appeared in Wolf Quest (where she is the real protagonist) and made a second appearance as a puppy during Balto's flashback in the song "You Don't Have To Be A Hero" during Wings of Change. Her name might come from the Aleutian Islands, off the coast of Alaska.

[edit] Appearance

Aleu has sandy-grey fur, with a lighter underbelly and blue eyes. While mostly looking like her father she shares some similarities to her mother.

[edit] Personality

She is very stubborn and brave, prone to not listening to her father. She was also disdainful of her wolf blood (though she eventually learns to accept it). Although she never realized it, Aleu acted more like a wolf than a dog; she had a reputation for being aggressive and had a high prey drive and stronger predatory instincts than a common dog. It is unknown how she developed her prey drive, as neither Balto nor Jenna possessed a prey drive.

Despite a very emotional blow at the hands of her father, the two reconcile at the end of her journey, and she remains very closely tied to Balto despite leaving him perhaps forever. In most peoples hopes of Universal Studios is that they will make another movie about her returning home. She also has a friendship tied to Muk and Luk as well as her mother and family.

[edit] Biography

Aleu was born to Balto and Jenna within the same litter as her brother Kodiak. She is believed to be the youngest in the litter, but might actually be the oldest. She bore great resemblance to a wolf more so than her siblings, and also acted more like a wolf unlike her more canine siblings. As a result, she was never adopted. Aleu spent a year with Balto and Jenna, one day believing that a human would adopt her for who she was.and she has a brother named Tinko as well.

After a nearly costly encounter with a local Inuit Hunter, Balto was forced to reveal to his daughter that she bore the physical appearances and characteristics of a wolf. Even more so then Balto himself. This caused Aleu a great deal of distress and emotional turmoil. She chose to run far from Nome, her father naturally giving chase alone despite Jenna's wishes. Aleu would eventually come into contact with a wolf pack led by Nava, which also included the extremely vicious wolf Niju.

Balto did manage to catch his daughter, but she refused to return to the life offered with her family at Nome. Through a series of spiritual events, Balto, Nava, and eventually Aleu herself come to realize with the aid of her spirit guide Maru, that she is destined to lead the pack towards a better future. At the end of the events in Wolf Quest, she bids her father a very emotional farewell, informing him to deliver her best love to Jenna. She then disappears across the Bering Sea. Her future and whereabouts are now unknown. It is unknown if she already has a mate in her clan. She has a strange supernatural power that allows her to have visions of the past or future, as well as read minds. This is shown by her eyes lighting up a bright yellow.

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