The song Jenna  kindly sings to Balto in Balto III: Wings of Change. Its mainly to encourage Balto to stay in the race although she knew that they will probably lose.

Song Lyrics

  • Jenna -

(Sung) You don't have to be a hero

You just have to be there

He doesn't need to know you're perfect

He needs to know you care

And when the race is over

You've done all you can do

Be a father, not a hero

That's all he needs from you

You don't have to be a winner

If you give it your best

Believe in who you are

And then time can do the rest

Your heart is his example

Brave, and strong and true

You don't have to be a hero

You just have to be you

Trust in your son

He's more than he seems

Like you, he can run

Like you, he has dreams

(Spoken) Whatever happens Balto, you'll always be his hero.

(Sung) Have faith in yourself, my love

Have faith in him too

He will always have a hero

He will always have a hero

For he'll always have you.

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